Discord House Rules

When you join our Discord Server, you join a community of people from all over the world. The community rules below, the Community Guidelines and Boring Legal Disclaimer all help to keep our Discord clean, fun and enjoyable for everyone.

Please keep content in its appropriate channel. Learn more about understanding our channels and the correct usage.
Follow the Discord TOS (discord.com/terms) and Guidelines (discord.com/guidelines) at all times.
Follow our Community Guidelines, House Rules and Boring Legal Stuff.
Keep content in its appropriate channel. Learn more about understanding our channels and the correct usage.
No spamming, BOT commands, memes, photos or GIFs and such outside of the #random-talk channel.
Our Discord Elite Subscribers (all tiers) can use the Attachments feature built into Discord for sharing screenshots for in-game settings, setup screenshots etc. Missing your Discord role? See How do I get my Discord Role?
Anyone being rude, racist, mean or bullying will be warned or removed from our community.
No unmentionable/invisible names or having URLs as your name. We'll force a random nickname (User#XXXX).
Do not ask for roles or permissions. Period.
No advertising Websites, Forums, Paid Services or Discord Servers of any kind. Sharing unapproved links is not allowed unless you're a Discord Elite Subscriber.
Do not message or tag other users unless you are specifically replying to their message. Don't DM users for help unless they tell/ask you to and make sure you use the designated help sections. Harassing the Team Members could be an immediate ban.
Cancellation will not reply to random Tags and DMs unless he has requested you to do so first. You'll be warned > muted > banned.
Lethal Squad is primarily an English community. Everything should be wrote in an easy to understand way so that others can help you. We do not kick, remove or ban community members for not being a native English speaker.
Don't complain about the use of @everyone, @here or @role. Feel free to tap on the server name "Lethal Squad" > tap "Notification Settings " and toggle the switch that says Suppress @everyone and @here to disable these unwanted notifications . For other notifications you can manage your preferences via the #discord-roles channel.
Mentioning Roles: If you mention a role such as @Ownership, @Support Operator, @Staff or any other role. You'll be kicked without warning. Only Discord Elite Subscribers can ping the @Support Operator role (once an hour).
Failure to comply with these rules will result in a punishment from a real life (human sized) Panda!

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